Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University


2016 September 7 - Grand Hotel
09.30-10.00 Registration and Coffee

Welcome and Introduction
Pietro Andreani, EIT, Lund University

Session 1: Energy-Aware ICs

Invited Presentation: Energy Efficient Computing in Nanoscale CMOS
Vivek De, Intel, Portland, OR

11.15-11.40 Memories for Energy Efficient Computing
Joachim Rodrigues, EIT, Lund University
11.40-12.00 Pushing the Boundaries for ULV SCMs and SRAMs
Babak Mohammadi & Oskar Andersson, EIT, Lund University
12.00-13.15 Lunch

Session 2: Cellular Communication
13.15-14.00 Invited Presentation: Taking LTE to the extremes
Yigal Bitran, Altair Semiconductor, Israel
14.00-14.25 Cellular Electronics - Baseband Processing
Liang Liu, EIT, Lund University
14.25-14.45 Massive MIMO in Real Life - Testbed Measurement Results
Steffen Malkowsky, EIT, Lund University
14.45-15.15 Coffee

Session 3: New Directions - Technology and ICs  
15.15-15.45 Invited Presentation: From Consumer to Commercial: Connectivity Solutions for the Automative Industry
Henrik Börjeson, Bosch, Lund
15.45-16.30 Invited Presentation: FD-SOI Technology, Advantages for Analog/RF and Mixed-Signal Designs
Andreia Cathelin, STMicroelectronics, Crolles, France
16.30-16.50 A Cellular Receiver Front-End with Spectrum Sensing
Mohammed Abdulaziz, EIT, Lund University
16.50-17.30 Invited Presentation: Status and Future Development Plans for the MAX IV Light Sources
Pedro Fernandes Tavares, MAX IV, Lund
19.00 Dinner at Lilla Salen, AF Borgen

2016 September 8 - Faculty of Engineering, Lund University
09.00-09.15 Coffee with Posters

Session 4: Future Technologies
09.15-10.00 Invited Presentation: 60 GHz Radar for Consumer Products
Mats Ärlelid, Acconeer, Lund
10.00-10.30 INSIGHT: Integration of III-V Nanowire Semiconductors for Next Generation High Performance CMOS SOC Technologies
Lars-Erik Wernersson, EIT, Lund University

 5G mm-wave Systems and Propagation Channels
Carl Gustafson, EIT and Sony 

10.50-11.30 Coffee with Poster Session

Session 5: 5G 
11.30-12.15 Invited Presentation: 5G for the Networked Society
Sara Mazur, Ericsson AB
12.15-12.40 SSF DARE Project
Pietro Andreani, EIT, Lund University
12.40-13.00 A 65nm CMOS Remote Antenna Unit for Fiber-Fed Distributed MIMO Systems
Waqas Ahmad, EIT, Lund University
13.00-13.15 Closing Remarks
Sven Mattisson, Ericsson, Chairman of the SoS Board

Lunch and continued Poster Session


The End