Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University


2014 September 11 - Grand Hotel
09.30-10.00 Registration and Coffee
10.00-10.30 Welcome and Introduction
Viktor Öwall, EIT, Lund University

Session 1: Mixed Techniques
10.30-11.15 Invited Presentation: The Return of Neuro-inspired Computing - Why now?
Jan Rabaey, BWRC/UC Berkeley
11.15-11.45 Advances in Mixed-Signal ICs
Pietro Andreani, EIT, Lund University
11.45-12.00 A Gm-C Channel Select Filter with a Digital Linearity Tuning System
Mohammed Abdulaziz, EIT, Lund University
12.00-13.15 Lunch

Session 2: Digital Processing
13.15-14.00 Invited Presentation: Beating Moore's Law with the All Programmable SOC aka FPGA
Ivo Bolsens, CTO Xilinx
14.00-14.30 Baseband Processing for Cellular Evolution
Liang Liu, EIT, Lund University
14.30-14.45 LuMaMi: Lund Massive MIMO Test-bed
Steffen Malkowsky and João Vieira, EIT, Lund University
14.45-15.15 Coffee

Session 3: Low Power Design
15.15-16.00 Invited Presentation: Sony Key Use Cases and Low PowerPlatform Focus for Wearables
Johan Svenér, Sony Mobile Communications AB
16.00-16.30 Low Power Design - jointly towards 28FD-SOI
Joachim Rodrigues, EIT, Lund University
16.30-16.45 An Energy Optimized Duty-Cycled Wake-Up Receiver Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
Nafiseh Seyed Mazloum, EIT, Lund University
16.45-17.15 Invited Presentation: What is MAPCI?
Björn Landfeldt, EIT, Lund University
19.00 Dinner at the Main Building of Lund University

September 12 - Faculty of Engineering, Lund University
09.00-09.15 Coffee with Posters

Session 4: Millimeter Wave
09.15-10.00 Invited Presentation: mm-Wave Communication Beyond 2020
Jonas Hansryd, Ericsson/Lindholmen
10.00-10.30 Progress in RF and Millimeter Wave Circuits
Henrik Sjöland, EIT, Lund University
10.30-10.45 E-band SiGe Beamsteering Transmitter Building Blocks
Tobias Tired, EIT, Lund University
10.45-11.30 Coffee with Poster Session

Session 5: RF Techniques
11.30-12.15 Invited Presentation: Wideband and Energy Efficient Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communication
Christian Fager/Mustafa Özen, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg
12.15-12.30 A Noise Cancelling Resistive Feedback Receiver Front-End
Anders Nejdel, EIT, Lund University
12.30-12.45 Low Cost Remote Antenna Units for Fiber-fed Distributed Antenna Systems
Waqas Ahmad, EIT, Lund University
12.45-13.00 Closing Remarks
Sven Mattisson, Ericsson and Chairman of the SoS Board
13.00 Lunch and continued Poster Session